Monday, March 18, 2013

The Stanford Theater Experience

It has been a while since I updated this blog as I haven't been on any trip after my the Las Vegas tour during Christmas. However, I have been busy with quite some interesting activities-movies, books, shopping, lunches and job interviews.

Hitchcock Film Festival

One Sunday, while we were waiting to be seated for our brunch at Hobbees, V casually found a bunch of brochures on the table. It was a flyer for the Hitchcock film festival at the Stanford theater. And luckily for us, it has started that week, so we didn't miss out on any films.

Stanford theater is located on University avenue in Palo Alto downtown. We now have a rental car so didn't have to be dependent on the Caltrain. Stanford is a movie theater with an old world charm and features Hollywood classics.

Everything about this theater gives you a chance to experience the movie-going experience of the past. The illuminated movie hoarding, the quaint box office, the food counter serving nothing fancy other than the mandatory pop corn and soda, the seating at two levels and of course the screen with its red curtain. What is even fantastic is that a live organ is played before the evening shows on weekends. They also have a gallery with original posters of many yesteryear classic films. 

They are currently playing the Hitchcock films-2 movies per week. The best part is that for the price of one ticket ($7), you can watch both the movies back-to-back. So far, we have watched all the movies screened every week and intend to continue doing so until the end of the festival in April. 

I had never watched a single Hitchcock flick until now. And I'm glad I got to experience it on the big screen. My favorites films so far have been Rear Window, Rebecca and Rope.