Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chocolate Tasting

I have done wine tasting before but never chocolate tasting. And I feel terrible that I took so long to try it. Bay Area Older Adults, the organization I volunteer with conducted a chocolate tasting event for its members. Being a volunteer I got lucky and had a chance to attend it.

Chocolates for tasting

The Chocolate Garage conducted the tasting and Sunita, the owner made a short presentation about the process of chocolate making. This was followed by questions from the group and then of course the actual tasting. There were 8 samples to taste and we were told what to expect from each one. The flavors varied from banana, butter, ginger, gingerbread to habanero. It was interesting how each piece melted in your mouth and brought out the distinct taste and experience. My personal favorite was Fresco Peru 225 which is 70% dark chocolate and has a strong cooked banana taste.

I thoroughly enjoyed the informative, delicious and unique experience. I have already made arrangements for my next tasting session :)

Cacao seed

Bars available for purchase

Presentation on chocolate making process

Sample plates