Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our New Car-Finally!

That's our new baby! Classy, isn't it? It's the 2013 Scion FR-S!

After eight painful months that seemed like a lifetime, we finally bought our own car and it feels amazing. As noted in my previous posts, not having a car was severely limiting our capacity to go anywhere or do anything fun since very few places are accessible via public transportation.
V got his license in January and we have been renting cars ever since. The plan was to get a rental until we decide which car we wanted to buy and then go get it. Sounds simple enough. Obviously, it wasn't.

The in-depth research and analysis (clearly not done by me) to finally narrow down on the car make and model took almost a month. Next step? Calling the dealers and buying one, right? Wrong! Apparently, this particular model has a 2-3 months wait time. There is a high demand, low supply problem and this means we get whatever stock the dealer has (if any).
Every weekend, the routine was similar. Call up all the Toyota dealers in the Bay Area stating the requirements, only to hear them promise that they will call us as soon as they get one. This carried on for a month and a half!

Finally, last Friday we got a call from two dealers informing us that they they had a few Scions in stock. We first went to Sunnyvale Toyota dealer- the car was pearl white-not my first choice. The second dealer in Burlingame had said he had a black one in stock. So we drove all the way to Burlingame. The car was obviously the right color but the dealer was a slimy fellow. He was so pushy, unaccommodating and annoying that we were pissed off thoroughly and preferred to go with the pearl white color at Sunnyvale than do business with this pest. Anyways, after the harrowing experience at Burlingame we came right back to the Sunnyvale dealer and booked it.
That's us in the dealer's parking lot after we got the keys to our shiny new ride.

It is a head turner and I love it when people stop to notice it :)