Sunday, November 23, 2014

Chocolate Tasting Tour: Part 2

My last chocolate tasting tour was as part of Bay Area OlderAdults and I had thoroughly enjoyed it. Around the same time, I bought a groupon for a chocolate tasting at Alegio Chocolates in Palo Alto.

Our awesome guide

Alegio chocolates is small chocolate store located in downtown Palo Alto. They conduct these chocolate tasting tours throughout the week except on Tuesdays. The tour was conducted by one of the owners whose name I forget.

There were 8 of us doing the tasting. We were made to sit on stools around a table and the 45 minute tour began. Starting from bean to bar, we were given samples of the cocoa bean, 100% pure chocolate bar and a variety of different flavored bars. The guide promised us that once we finished the tour, our idea and expectation from chocolate would be completely changed. And it was true. What we have come to know as chocolate has so many other additives like vanilla and soy lecithin which alter the taste of the real thing. The bars we tasted did not have these and I could experience chocolate in its true form.
Roasted Cacao Bean

Different chocolate bars we tasted

We were also given a brief history of the islands of Principe and Sao Tome where the chocolate we tasted came from. Short video clips from youtube helped us visualize the chocolate making process. It is fascinating how much effort goes into making chocolate. No wonder authentic chocolate is such an expensive affair.
Alegio Chocolates Store

Some of my favorites from the ones we tasted had sugar crystals, coffee beans and raisins. Each one had a distinct flavor and one can actually taste the ingredient without it interfering with the chocolate.

It is hard to put into words the actual experience. I can confidently say that this tour will change your life. Ordinary chocolate will no longer satisfy your craving. You will appreciate chocolate better, I certainly do.

What: Chocolate Tasting
Where: 522 Bryant Street Palo Alto, CA
When: Wed-Mon
Cost: $15/person. Buy a groupon if available