Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Gilroy Wine Tasting

One Friday evening, Anne called me to ask if I was up for wine tasting in Gilroy the next day and I agreed.

It was a hot day and after an hour's drive reached our first winery 'Satori.' It was very brightly colored and well decorated. It had live music playing and was buzzing with people. I especially loved the colorful umbrellas. They offer Sangrias on Saturday and we were so thankful for the chilled drink on the hot afternoon. The Sangria tasted delicious with pieces of mangoes and raspberries. We hung out for a while and left when there were too many dogs surrounding our table.

Next, we hit Solis winery which was quite opposite to Satori. It was very quite and peaceful. Vishnu did a tasting. There was a perfect breeze blowing which instantly put us in a very relaxed state. We abandoned the idea of going to any other winery and hung out there chatting until we felt hungry.

We headed to Morgan Hills downtown and ate some tasty Mediterranean food and headed back home. This was a very fun impromptu outing.